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Project Name DescriptionCreation DateStatus
AirTest projectApr 4, 2017Active
Baraka TranslateMay 31, 2016Active
BRMS and JBPM homeNov 14, 2013Read-only
BRMS Getting Started Guide Aug 23, 2012Read-only
cColdMar 13, 2015Active
Dashboard BuilderWeb application for the visual composition of dashboardsJul 24, 2013Active
Dashbuilder UFDashboard composition tooling based on the Uberfire frameworkSep 3, 2014Active
Drools WorkbenchWeb-based Workbench for Drools May 3, 2013Active
eicar testTest whether antivirus workSep 4, 2015Active
fr_translation_jbpm54_userGuidetranslate jbpm 5.4 user guide in frenchApr 2, 2013Active
guvnorguvnorMay 16, 2012Active
Hibernate getting started guideThe translation into romanian of the hiberante getting started guideJul 4, 2012Active
Hibernate SearchHibernate SearchSep 16, 2011Active
Hibernate ValidatorHibernate ValidatorSep 16, 2011Active
JBoss AS (Deprecated)JBoss AS (Deprecated)Feb 13, 2012Active